The Light

Like letters in the sand,
I felt like
washing away...

Slowly, I felt like
no longer


Even my sweetest of

Washed. Eroded.

Then came you.

I looked closer -
I saw light.

You are like the
friend I'd been missing...and hoping

The ear that listened,
and understood... the song I'd been...

Words not remembered -

Then suddenly,

I feel like shining
When I see someone like


A triumph,
A welcome smile,
A soothing wave on a lost
beach....finally discovered.

Thank you for...

dedicating yourself to you

For being...
Beautiful, human,
emotional, truthful
For simply speaking -

and sharing that with others.

Thank you for
helping me


I am...
Beautiful, human,

I can say it hurts...that
I can...need,
That I am able to reach out,
and be whole again,

I am
lit and...


Thank you.


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Well, I've decided to start blogging my poetry. I don't think the blog on My Space really fits my writing well - and I figure this way, I'll be much more on top of things.

I've been writing since I was 8 years old. I've taken many creative writing classes - but my biggest inspiration comes from real life events, real life people - each thing you read hits home emotionally for me. I only write descriptions of how I feel or have felt - I don't necessarily imagine what it might feel like - because then I don't feel I'd be truthful with my poetry.

Enjoy - and please always leave comments. I love them.