If I could possibly
The way your face
When the night falls…
These dark shadows
Would be…
When your soft hands,
Touch my
Lonely brow –
When your lips,
When the sky falls victim
To dark clouds,
And my porchlight, dims –
Your sweet taste lingers,
And the smoke from your
I inhale…
Exhaling, you speak,
The white clouds
Circle you
In perfect strokes…
Maybe we will
Be one
Maybe I will
Feel more than
Your perfect
Maybe my
Patient ears will hear you say..
If I could only describe
The way your face
Lights … me…
When the night falls…
My dark shadow would be…
Touching me with
Smooth hands…
You should feel
My prayers…
That you will
Find your own
In my quiet kiss…
That these moments
Will not
That I am your only
That someday
Is now.


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Well, I've decided to start blogging my poetry. I don't think the blog on My Space really fits my writing well - and I figure this way, I'll be much more on top of things.

I've been writing since I was 8 years old. I've taken many creative writing classes - but my biggest inspiration comes from real life events, real life people - each thing you read hits home emotionally for me. I only write descriptions of how I feel or have felt - I don't necessarily imagine what it might feel like - because then I don't feel I'd be truthful with my poetry.

Enjoy - and please always leave comments. I love them.