Just Breathe

Saturday night
I am thinking of you.
Listening to your favorite song,
Drinking it down.
Last drop gone and I swallow…
My tears fall
So silent…
Remembering your blank face –
Have a nice life.
I repeat those dull words as the song plays over…
And I whisper your name again.
The ring stares hopeful into my impatient eyes –
Maybe you will come home.
2 AM, phone by my bed,
Maybe you will call like you always did…
Middle of the night, goodnight my love.
I repeat those sweet words, play the song over,
Drinking it down.
Last drop gone and I fall asleep –
She is yours now,
And I am left alone…
As loneliness creeps into the bed beside me, and keeps me awake.
I hope you are happy…
As the dim morning light of Sunday dances across the walls,
I imagine her in your arms, and I cry again.
Each tear sings
That song plays over
I swallow-
I want to hide again from another day.
Grin and bear it – it is over now.
I wake once again to the memories of your voice.
Just breathe, I say –
Gasping the tears into my cold, dry lips…
As the loneliness awakens
Drinking me down.


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Well, I've decided to start blogging my poetry. I don't think the blog on My Space really fits my writing well - and I figure this way, I'll be much more on top of things.

I've been writing since I was 8 years old. I've taken many creative writing classes - but my biggest inspiration comes from real life events, real life people - each thing you read hits home emotionally for me. I only write descriptions of how I feel or have felt - I don't necessarily imagine what it might feel like - because then I don't feel I'd be truthful with my poetry.

Enjoy - and please always leave comments. I love them.